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Paid Duty Request

If you have any questions you can reach the Paid Duty Coordinator at 519-570-9777 extension 8629.

Paid Duty Terms of Agreement 

  1. Payment in full is to be made to the Region of Waterloo upon receipt of an invoice issued by the Finance Department of the Region of Waterloo. A deposit is required for new customer accounts and must be paid in full upfront.
  2. The current hourly rate of pay / police equipment cost are as advised by the Paid Duty Coordinator, per Collective Agreement and Board direction.
  3. The number of police officers/supervisors, police equipment and hours required for the performance of a paid duty shall be determined by the Waterloo Regional Police Service at its discretion, based on the nature of the event and the following:
    1. 1 to 4 Officers required - no additional supervisor required.
    2. 5 to 9 Officers required - fifth officer must include a Sergeant.
    3. 10 or more Officers required - must include a Sergeant and a Staff Sergeant.
  4. Police officers are prohibited from working more than 16 hours in a 24 hour period on paid duties and/or regular duties. It may be necessary to make several bookings when the maximum period may be exceeded.
  5. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Officer(s) are entitled to take reasonable breaks for refreshment, food and restroom needs. As such, the client must make arrangements and allowances for the Officer(s) to take those breaks (including, if necessary, providing for alternative coverage or temporarily ceasing the operations/event for which the Officer(s) are needed during such breaks) and failing the ability to provide this, there may be a need to increase the number of Officer(s) to ensure officer and public safety.
  6. Where a scheduled event extends beyond the original time period listed, partial hours will be billed in 15 minute intervals after the first 3 hours for each participating officer, and/or the use of any police equipment.
  7. An administrative fee of 20% and 13% HST will be added to the total cost of each paid duty and 13% HST will be added to the use of equipment and cruisers.
  8. All client requests for paid duties, cancellations, change to locations, dates, times, etc., must be made in writing through the Paid Duty Coordinator of the Waterloo Regional Police Service
  9. The client‘s minimum cancellation time allowed is seventy-two (72) hours prior to the scheduled start time. In the event that written notice for cancellation is not received and acknowledged before this period, a minimum payment of three (3) hours per officer will be charged, along with all associated fees and taxes. Fees for the use of police equipment will not be charged unless the officer was cancelled after the paid duty started in which case a 3 hour minimum charge for the cruiser will also be applied.
  10. Short Notice Cancellations (those that happen less than 72 hours before the scheduled start time) that occur after 4:00 p.m. must be directed to the on-duty RST Staff Sergeant at 519-570-9777 X8888. 
  11. A paid duty may be cancelled by the Waterloo Regional Police Service officer in charge where climatic conditions deteriorate to a state which would be unsafe or hazardous.
  12. The Waterloo Regional Police Service reserves the right to cancel a paid duty at any time, at its sole discretion (including but not limited to for exigencies of the Service or officer non-availability). However, when exercising this authority the Service will attempt to provide the applicant with as much notice as possible.
  13. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the officers and the Board regarding all liability, actions, claims, losses, costs and damages which may be brought against or suffered by them arising from the Paid Duty or the event, save and except to the extent such was solely caused by the negligent or willful misconduct of the Officers or the equipment.
  14. The client will also ensure that there is sufficient insurance in place for the event.
  15. For Funeral Escorts, it is the responsibility of the Funeral Home to ensure that all vehicles involved in the funeral procession are provided with the following:
    1. A route map detailing the meeting location and planned stops/ destinations.
    2. Funeral signs/ flags attached to each vehicle.
    3. The details of the Information Card are explained and provided to each driver. a. You must stop at all red traffic lights and stop signs.
      1. Turn on your vehicle headlights.
      2. Display the funeral sign/ flag in the most visible sport on the front of your vehicle.
      3. In the event your vehicle becomes separated from the escort, do not speed up or go through traffic signals to catch up to the procession. You are required to make your way to the destination location on your own.

By Checking this box I agree that I have read the terms of the agreement. I have approval authority for the company/organization and accept the terms of the agreement, including the number of officers, police equipment listed, the associated officers payments, administrative fees and equipment rental fees.

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